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Information Science & Technology

Bachelor of Science

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The mission of the School of Information Science, Technologies and Arts (SISTA) is to promote research in computational methods across disciplines and teach students to understand the computational aspects of any discipline. Scholarship today is limited not by the availability of information, but by scholars' mastery of methods that can help to transform information into knowledge: methods for finding, cleaning and storing information; for aligning data from different sources; for mining and simplifying information; for coding and compressing; for simulating and visualizing; for analyzing risks and hedging against bad outcomes; for classifying, predicting and clustering; for analyzing social networks, computer networks, gene regulatory networks, and so on. As a research organization, SISTA both develops and applies computational methods to problems in many academic disciplines; problems such as discovering signaling pathways in cells, understanding musical improvisation, or building robotic homes. As an educational organization SISTA will teach a curriculum that crosses departmental and disciplinary boundaries to ensure that future generations of scholars, irrespective of their subjects, master the methods of the Information Age.

Major Details

College: College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Admissions Requirements:

No Additional Requirements

Math Required:


    This strand involves skill and facility with calculus. The S-strand begins at one of two calculus options - MATH 124 (Calculus I with Applications) or MATH 125 (Calculus I). Students who successfully complete the S-strand may continue on to MATH 129 (Calculus II), MATH 223 (Vector Calculus), or beyond. Those who choose but are not ready to begin the S-strand will be required to take preparatory work.
Second Language Required:

2 Semesters

  • Scoring the equivalent of second-semester skill level on an entrance or placement examination administered by The University of Arizona.
  • Completion with a C or better of a second semester course at the post-secondary level.
  • An AP (Advanced Placement), IB (International Baccalaureate) or CLEP (College Level Entrance Program) language score determined by the individual language department.
  • In the College of Engineering by a method determined within the College; however, all students in the college must also take a language placement examination on entrance to the University.
2 Semesters
Fees: No
Pre-Major: No
Available at:
  • Main Campus

Four-Year Plan

Archived plans are available on Degree Search 2011-2016 for many degree plans. These are sample plans. Please work with your academic advisor for more specific and up-to-date requirements.

Select a year:

UA Course Requirements Units
1st Semester
ISTA 100 Great Ideas of the Info Age 3
ENGL 101 First Year Composition 3
MATH 122A 1
MATH 122B 4
First Semester Second Language 4
2nd Semester
ISTA 120 Dealing with Data 4
ISTA 116 Statistic Foundations Info Age 3
ENGL 102 First Year Composition 3
Second Semester Second Language 4
3rd Semester
ISTA 130 Computational Thinking & Doing 4
ISTA 161 Ethics in a Digital World 3
Supporting Science Course 4
Tier I General Education 3
Tier I General Education 3
4th Semester
Foundations, Representations, and Algorithms Course 3
Data-Intensive Computing Course 3
Supporting Science Course 4
Tier I General Education 3
Tier I General Education 3
5th Semester
Programming and Computing Tools Course 3
Modeling Course 3
Discipline Focused Computing Course 3
Tier II General Education 3
Tier II General Education 3
6th Semester
ISTA 370 Research Methods for Info Age 3
Society Course 3
ISTA Elective - Upper Divison 3
Tier II General Education 3
Elective 3
7th Semester
ISTA Elective - Upper Divison 3
ISTA Elective - Upper Divison 3
ISTA Indiv Study 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
8th Semester
ISTA Senior Project 3
ISTA Elective - Upper Divison 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3

AZ Transfer Pathways

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