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Musical Theatre

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Musical Theatre

Bachelor of Fine Arts

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The major emphasizes the collaborative process of musical theatre, providing intensive training in music, dance and theatre arts. Admission to upper-division course work is granted only to students who show strong promise for a career in musical theatre.

Major Details

College: College of Fine Arts
Admissions Requirements:

Math Required:


    This strand involves the general understanding and appreciation of how mathematics is used to solve problems in everyday life. The G-strand does not prepare a student for any further work grounded in mathematics and assumes the student will not proceed beyond the basic Foundations level noted above. Thus only those students whose major requires the most general knowledge of mathematics should take this strand.
Second Language Required:

2 Semesters

  • Scoring the equivalent of second-semester skill level on an entrance or placement examination administered by The University of Arizona.
  • Completion with a C or better of a second semester course at the post-secondary level.
  • An AP (Advanced Placement), IB (International Baccalaureate) or CLEP (College Level Entrance Program) language score determined by the individual language department.
  • In the College of Engineering by a method determined within the College; however, all students in the college must also take a language placement examination on entrance to the University.
2 Semesters
Fees: Yes
Pre-Major: No
Available at:
  • Main Campus

Four-Year Plan

Archived plans are available on Degree Search 2011-2016 for many degree plans. These are sample plans. Please work with your academic advisor for more specific and up-to-date requirements.

Select a year:

UA Course Requirements Units
1st Semester
TAR 149 Acting I 3
TAR 197A Intro to Voice & Movement I 1
TAR 197V Musical Theatre I - Voice Class 2
TAR 113 Stagecraft Crew 1
TAR 497F Performance 1
DNC 112A Intro to Ballet 1
MUS 100 Basic Musicianship 3
ENGL 101 First Year Composition 3
MATH 105/112/PHIL 110 3
2nd Semester
TAR 151 Acting II 3
TAR 197B Intro to Voice & Movement II 1
TAR 197V Musical Theatre I - Voice Class 2
TAR 118 Stage Costume Crew 1
TAR 497F Performance 1
DNC 112B Ballet for Begnnrs w/Lim Exper 1
MUS 101A Exploring Music through Piano 3
ENGL 102 First Year Composition 3
Tier I General Education 3
3rd Semester
TAR 203 Voice & Movement I 2
TAR 205A Musical Theatre I 3
TAR 250 Acting III 3
TAR 297V Musical Theatre II - Voice Class 2
TAR 497F Performance 1
DNC 152A Beginning Modern Dance 1
MUS 107 or MUS 108 3
Tier I General Education 3
4th Semester
DNC 144A Intro to Jazz Dance 1
Tier I General Education 3
TAR 297V Musical Theatre II - Voice Class 2
TAR 497F Performance 1
Tier I General Education 3
TAR 204 Voice & Movement II 2
TAR 251 Acting IV 3
5th Semester
TAR 305 Voice & Movement III 2
TAR 403 Musical Theatre II 3
TAR 449 Acting V 3
TAR 497F Performance 1
TAR 497V Musical Theatre Private Voice 2
DNC 175 Theatre Dance 1
Tier I General Education 3
6th Semester
TAR 306 Voice & Movement IV 2
TAR 451 Acting VI 3
TAR 497F Performance 1
TAR 497V Musical Theatre Private Voice 2
DNC 176A Intro to Tap Dance 1
Tier I General Education 3
Tier II General Education 3
7th Semester
TAR 404 Musical Theatre III 3
TAR 452 Acting VII 3
TAR 497F Performance 1
TAR 497V Musical Theatre Private Voice 2
DNC 276A Intermediate Tap Dance 2
Tier II General Education 3
8th Semester
TAR 497F Performance 1
TAR 497V Musical Theatre Private Voice 2
DNC 244A Jazz Dance Technique I 2
Theatre History 3
Tier II General Education 3
Elective course 1

AZ Transfer Pathways

This page is designed for in-state transfer students who plan to attend the University of Arizona. The information presented lists the most accurate course equivalencies and may not include all possible requirements. Transfer students are strongly encouraged to use this site for reference only and not for self-advising.

Transfer students should work with their community colleges and UA advisors to develop an individualized plan for transfer, and visit

  • All posted Pathways (except for Bachelor of Applied Science Pathways) fulfill an AGEC and most also fulfill an Associate Degree
  • Following a Pathway does not guarantee admission to the UA nor admission to a college/major/program at the UA
  • Use Pathways in consultation with advisors from your community college and the UA
  • Pathways are subject to change at any time

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Career Planning

The knowledge of theatre history, dance, instrumental and vocal music, acting, costuming, and stagecraft  gained from a major in Musical Theatre forms a valuable foundation for a variety of careers. In addition to pursuing singing, dancing, and/or acting for stage, screen, or radio, graduates may find work in education, music and art direction, arts promotion, or talent management. Musical Theatre, like many majors, teaches content and skills that can be applied to a wide variety of career fields. This major does not restrict you to a specific field. The career fields most closely related to this major are competitive. Many individuals who graduate with bachelor’s degrees in this major establish paying careers in other fields.

Potential Career Areas

  • Performance
  • Choreography
  • Music direction
  • Composition/arrangement
  • Copying/notation
  • Education
  • Outreach

Sample Employers

  • Community productions/theatre groups
  • Cruise ships
  • Casinos
  • Theme parks
  • Schools
  • Arts education programs
  • Nonprofit arts organizations
  • Talent agencies

Sample Job Titles and National Salary Range

Job Title Salary Range
Actor/Performer $20,404 - $34,507
Singer $21,700 - $46,000
Music Director $16,750 - $41,270
High School Theatre Teacher $35,000 - $53,200
Social Director, Cruise Ship $32,500 - $52,500
Arranger $16,750 - $41,270
Choreographer $18,600 - $37,700
Cruise Ship Performer $7,200 - $19,068
Costume Designer $16,640 - $24,990
Audience Development Director $18,000 - $50,000
Public Relations Specialist, Performing Arts $21,000 - $60,000
Talent Director $32,100 - $68,400
Camp Director $30,000 - $80,000